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Talkeetna Mountains

Talkeetna Mountains

The Talkeetna Mountains, roughly bounded by the Matanuska and Susitna River valleys, with such towns as Talkeetna, Wasilla, Palmer, Sutton, and Chickaloon in the westerly parts of the range. The part of the Talkeetna mountains we visit is in the Chickaloon area. Most of the land in the Talkeetna range is under the jurisdiction of the State of Alaska, Dept. of Natural Resourvces.

So it’s not part of some well known national park whose name recognition draws big crowds. It’s sort of off the radar to folks outside Alaska.

And that works to our advantage! This is a lightly visited region and solitude is all but assured. The terrain presents lots of great opportunities for exploring and you can pick your terrain from moderate to challenging.

Another great aspect of the Talkeetna Mountains as a destination is the easy logistics. With many destinations in Alaska you spend the first day flying and or driving to get to the point of departure for your trek. While that flying and driving takes you through some amazing country, some folks are limited in their vacation time and can't afford the travel days. The Talkeetnas are only a couple hours drive out of Anchorage - so you can eat breakfast in the city and lunch in the Talkeetna backcountry! At the end of the trip we fly out and drive back to Anchorage on the same day. This is the perfect destination for those seeking a remote wilderness experience but with a limited time budget. Speaking of budgets, the short transit distance and time means lower cost.

The Talkeetna Mountains highcountry is a great place for an Alaska hiking trip that is a bit more accessible and easy to get to.

Treks in Talkeetna Mountains

Talkeetna Mountains High Country

5 Days

Great Alaska backpacking trip with moderate terrain and easy logistics. Trip departs out of Anchorage and has you in the backcounty by lunch same day! Reasonable cost and total solitude on this backpacking trip in a seldom visited part of Alaska!

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Get trip updates, news and more!