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We had such an amazing time in Alaska thanks to you and it was certainly the highlight of your holiday around the states! We have been annoying our friends making them listen to our stories and forcing them to sit through lengthy photo viewing sessions. Hopefully we'll see you again sooner rather than later.

Marocs, M. Darlingtion, Australia

Food was great. Scenery was incredible. The hike was as strenuous as I hoped/wanted. Greg was a great guide and the trip went very smoothly and was a LOT of fun.

Chris S. Dallas, TX

The Seven Pass Route was a fantastic trip! I particularly enjoyed the wide variety of landscapes, from glaciers to green valleys to rocky rough looking mountains surrounded by lakes. At times, the trip is challenging but it only adds to the feeling of reward you get once you reach your daily destination. Camping near a lake, taking superb pictures, having a great time at camp made this experience unforgettable for me.

Valerie D. - Washington, DC

Oh my god! The hardest & yet most intense, most gratifying thing I have ever done. Greg is fantastic - I had complete confidence in him, he is knowledgeable, funny, interesting and a great cook!

Janette B. Minneapolis, MN

I had the most wonderful time. Thank you so very much for making this wonderful trip full of "gillions" of memories I will cherish. Thank you for making me stronger and for keeping us safe with your very wise decisions. What an adventure!

Brenda, Virginia Beach, VA

Greg blew away my expectations. There was not a moment that I was ever uncomfortable with his leadership. You haven't walked the world until you've trekked the wilderness of the Wrangell-St. Elias Mountains.

Jason M. - Eielson AFB, AK

The trip was a great blend of intense hiking and terrain and enjoyment. The vistas were breathtaking and the food was delicious. It was an amazing experience. [The guides] were knowledgeable and experienced and were patient with us as we learned how to operate best in the wild.

James - Washington, DC

Tyler was great and the scenery was breathtaking. I loved that we were able to explore and deviate slightly from the planned path. I don't think we could have had a bad time even if we tried! I don't eat that well at home!

Rachael V. - South Burlington, VT

Tyler rocks!! He was just a blast - both professional and fun. He was also prepared for whatever came up during the trip. Tyler always kept us well informed. I loved, loved, loved the food.

Cera PC - Colchester, VT

Thanks for this unforgettable experience. I only wish Alaska was closer! You took great care of us teachers. I will always remember this Alaska adventure and the two of you!

Patti S.- Virginia Beach, VA

Amazing job you are doing [Trek Alaska]. Tyler was unbelievable... absolutely superb! He was unbelievably enthusiastic and at the same time laid back. He was just as excited as we were to be out there and exploring. Food was phenomenal - in fact in many ways it was better then what I eat at home. And definitely better than what I use on backpack trips.

Ken H. - South Burlington, VT

Ryan was fantastic, we really got along with him. He set a really good pace and seemed to know a lot about the area and terrain. The food was great and Ryan was quite the chef. When he told us we were having burritos I was shocked and excited.

Erin D. - Menlo Park, CA

Both Scott and Greg maintained the highest level of professionalism on the trail. Always helpful, always available for questions and always putting the group forward into new and gorgeous terrain.

Andrew - Medford, MA

We had such a thrilling trip! I am still amazed that we saw ice walls, moulins and that we camped on the glacier. Ryan took excellent care of us... we felt like we were seeing something new and unique every day... we ate more and better meals than we do at home.

Daphne G. - Menlo Park, CA

I had great time. The small group size made the trip a lot more fun. Greg and Andrew were excellent guides.

Steve T., New York City

Great challenging hike set at the level I was looking for. I really enjoyed learning a few things on the trip like improving my map reading. A stunning trip!

Stuart L. Cape Town, South Africa

Stunning scenery, good company. I had a very interesting and relaxing time - but adventurous too!

Kerrin S., Cape Town South Africa

The Seven Pass trek is probably the best trek I've ever done. I loved being so remote... glaciers, scree, lush green valleys, it was fantastic. Some of the terrain was challenging but Greg always found a way for our group to get through it. The food was excellent and we couldn't have asked for a better guide. This was a once in a lifetime experience. I would highly recommend Trek Alaska to anyone interested in a true back country experience.

Jill & Andy K. - Chicago,IL

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, from the flight in to the flight out. We also enjoyed our time in McCarthy - everyone was friendly and helpful.

Ken L. - Portala Valley, CA

I had a fantastic time! The guides were extremely helpful in learning the basics and essential skills needed on the trip. I really liked the fact that the guides took the time to answer any questions, especially my rock and map questions. Greg and Scott were great guides and great people to spend time with. Their knowledge of the route and surrounding environment is second to none

Harry - Great Falls, VA

Get trip updates, news and more!