Greetings from Trek Alaska and McCarthy

Summer is well under way in the Wrangells. We're heading out in a few days for a Donoho trek and it won't be long before we can get into the deep backcountry.

Breakup happened early this year which is always nice. Lupine and bluebells are adding some blues to the green. Even the fireweed is sprouting up.

This will probably be the last newsletter till the end of the summer. I wanted to let you know that we have a few treks in July with some spaces remaining. We would like to fill those up now and are offering a discount on a few of them. So if you were sitting on the fence about doing a trek this summer you just ran out of excuses.

Things change very quickly once the summer is under ways so it's best to give us a call to check on availabiilty or make a reservation.



Seven Pass Route - 8 Day Backpacking Trek
July 9-16 (mention this newsletter for 10% off)

Trek Alaska

This has proven to be our most popular trip over the years and for good reason. It's hard to beat this route for variety of terrain.

A bit more strenuous than the Pyramid trek this one is ideal if you are looking for a challenging route with lots of reward. We often see bears on the trek. And everyone comes back raving about their experience.

Trek Alaska popularized this route and was the first to offer guided treks. Nobody knows the route and all of it's variations and options like we do. This allows us to tailor our route to the interests and abilities of the group.


Pyramid Peak - 7 Day High Country Adventure
Sept. 8-14 (mention this newsletter for 10% off)

Trek Alaska

Pyramid Peak is one of my personal favorites and I always look forward to doing it. It's a seven day trek that occupies a sweet spot between a more challeinging trek like Seven Pass and one of our more moderate trips. There are some challenging days for sure but with some more kick-back days as well.

Part of the route involves hiking around the lower reaches of Pyramid Peak. Each day reveals a totally new view on this dramatic mountain.

The views of the University range are just amazing and the passage through the ruins of the old Chititu mining district adds an interesting historic element to the trip.





Iceberg Lake - 5 Day Basecamp/Backpack Hybrid
July 19-23 (mention this newsletter for 10% off)

Trek Alaska

Iceberg Lake is perfect for those wanting a real adventure but not as much backpacking. We alternate between backpacking and base camping on this one. We set camp for a few days, do some day hikes then move camp down the ridge where we do some more day hike exploring. And there's a lot to explore.

The Iceberg Lake valley is one of the most spectacular areas in the park and that's saying a lot! High ridge walks, dramatic hanging glaciers, glacier crossing... and lots more. Good place to spot bears too.

You'll come home with a boatload of amazing photos and memories from this trek.



That's it for now. Look forward to hearing from you.

Till next time...

Greg Fensterman


Oh...we also have a few spots left on June Donoho treks if you're a last minute planner.


Picking Your Perfect Trek - Trek Comparison Matrix

Easier to
Moderate to
More Challenging

Fan Glacier
Steamboat Hills
Skolai Pass
Donoho Glacier Trek
Iceberg Lake

Iceberg Lake
Skolai Pass
The Goat Trail
Twin Lakes Summit Ramble

Seven Pass

Pyramid Peak


Lake Clark Traverse

For more on any of these trips click on the links to see the detail page or give us a call. 907.554.1088

Well that's it for now. See you next month.

Till then.. happy trails!

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