Hard to believe but as I sit here typing this newsletter it's raining outside and temps are pushing 40 degrees. It's been a super warm winter but this is the chinooks blowing in and we usually get this once a winter. Things get a bit sloppy for a while and it's a good time to do indoor tasks like getting out a mid-winter newsletter.

We'll start off with a brief intro to a couple of our most popular treks.

Seven Pass Trek

Seven Pass

Always a perennial favorite, the Iceberg Lake to Bremner trip, also known as the Seven Pass Route, always fills up early.

At 8 days this is one of our longest treks and a great choice if you want to take the time for a more immersive wilderness experience.

The wide variety of terrain is one of the key features of this trek. We cross two glaciers in the first half of the trek which is always a highlight. The hiking terrain varies from glaciers to rocky passes to lush green valleys and sometimes even a bit of snow in the high passes. Every camp is in a different setting than the one before.

We've had pretty good luck with spotting bears on this route and I have personally sighted elusive wolverines on at least three occasions along this trek. There are some days that will leave you glad to hit camp but we've also built in some leeway towards the middle of the trip. Sometimes we take a layover day and do some day hiking and sometimes we just break it up into a couple of short days to let us recharge while keeping on the move. The guide works with the group to make an itinerary that works for everyone.

This route also features some amazing ridge top views, especially the final pass which offers a view of distant, snow covered summits.!

Pyramid Peak

It's no surprise that this route is such a favorite. I know I always look forward to guiding on this one.

The terrain is just amazing and you'll know that you're in for a real adventure as we fly, one at a time in a super-cub, into the remote, little-used airstrip on Canyon Creek.

Over the course of seven days we go up and over three different ridges. When we crest the first, high above Canyon Creek, we are treated to fabulous vistas of the snow capped peaks in University range. Another ridge presents us with the twin summits of Pyramid Peak itself. And the final ridge on the shoulder of Andrus Peak provides the grand finale of a sweeping panorama of peaks near and far.

But we don't have to hump up steep ridges every day. One of the aspects of this trek that a lot of folks appreciate is that the terrain allows for a staggered itinerary with tougher days being followed by shorter or easier days. And we usually take a layover day near Pyramid Peak when we take a day hike, sans backpacks, for an up close view.

On our last day hiking to May Creek, we get a special treat - a bit of history with our wilderness. We pass down Rex Creek and make a lunch stop at Chititu Camp - a former gold mining settlement. There are still some structures standing and we take some time after lunch to explore the ruins and relics of this former outpost which is being reclaimed by the wilderness.

Just the Beginnning

That just scratches the surface of the wide range of treks we are offering this summer. Below is a trip matrix that will help you find the trip that's perfect for you. Or check out the trek overview page on the website. Or just give us a call and we can talk through your interests and experience.



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