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Spring is slow to come to McCarthy this year with lots of snow on the ground. But things can change quickly. A good stretch of warm, sunny days and things can melt out in a hurry.

Well the warm weather may be slow to arrive but summer is rapidly approaching. Here are a few features trips that have some spots left. If you're interested, give us a call.


Seven Pass Route - 8 Day Backpacking Trek
July 10-17, August 10-17

Trek Alaska
A lovely little lake near the end of the route on the Seven Pass trek.

The Seven Pass Route (Iceberg Lake to Bremner) is a perennial favorite with our guests. And it's not hard to figure out why. This route offers a delightful variety of terrain so each day is different from the one before. And most of our clients find that this trip offers just the right amount of challenge. Some days are a bit demanding but nothing that you can't handle and feel like you accomplished something at the end of the day!

On a short trek you sometimes feel like just when you are starting to feel at him in the backcountry it's time to head home. At 8 days this is one of our longest treks and a great choice if you want to take the time for a more immersive wilderness experience.

Nothing is more quintessentially Alaskan than glaciers and we cross two in the first half of the trek which is always a highlight! The hiking terrain varies from glaciers to rocky passes to lush green valleys and sometimes even a bit of snow in the high passes if it was a big snow year. Every camp is in a different setting than the one before.

The Iceberg Lake valley has usually been a good area for bear spotting and we see both brown and black bears on this route. I have personally sighted elusive wolverines on at least three occasions along this trek. This trek is great for people with a bit of hiking experience and in good physical condition. There are a few days that will leave you glad to hit camp but we've also built in some leeway towards the middle of the trip. Sometimes we take a layover day and do some day hiking and sometimes we just break it up into a couple of shorter days to let us recharge while keeping on the move. The guide works with the group along the way to make an itinerary that works for everyone.

This route also features some truly amazing ridge top views, especially the final pass which offers a view of distant, snow covered summits. And then there's the view looking down on the Bremner glacier, oh and the view down Iceberg Lake valley, and of course... :-)



Pyramid Peak - 7 Day High Country Adventure
July 1-7 (ask about other dates)

Trek Alaska
Stopping for a break to take in the great view of Pyramid Peak's jagged ridgeline on the Pyramid Peak trek.

This route shares top honors with Seven Pass as one of our favorites - and our guests agree. The high ridge views are just spectacular and it has just the right challenge to reward ratio.

As with most of our treks, this one starts off with flight into the backcountry. Our drop off airstrip on Canyon Creek is remote and the strip is short so we have to fly in one at a time in a super cub. It's not a long flight but it is spectacular.

Because it can take a while to get the whole group on the ground when doing it one at a time, we don't plan a big day on our arrival in the wilderness. It's usually lunch time when we are all assembled so we start with a hearty lunch and enjoy the expansive valley of Canyon Creek.

A few hours of hiking and set up our camp for the night with the sound of Canyon Creek to lull us off to sleep. And we will be glad of the rest the next day as we hike up to our first ridge crossing. It is a bit of a hump at times but the higher we get the better the views. Once on the ridge crest we have a terrific view back at the University range as well as our first look at one of the many faces of Pyramid Peak.

We spend the next three days skirting along the lower reaches of Pyramid which rewards us with some ever changing views of here twin summits.

Around day 5 we head up the spine of a ridge that is the most spectacular accent of the trip. We really have a feeling of being out there on this day. And the views from the top make it all worthwhile. On a clear day we have a 350 view that is just amazing and we certainly take a long, well deserved rest here to soak it all up.

Then we begin our descent from the high country and make our way down to Rex Creek. Our stream crossing practice comes in handy on this part as the terrain forces us to cross and re-cross Rex many times.

A highlight of this portion of the route is our final camp at Chititu, the site of a former gold mining settlement that still has some ruins standing and is well worth exploring. From there we hike out to our pickup airstrip on May Creek which is just a short flight (this time we all fly in one plane) to McCarthy and hot showers.

And that's Pyramid in a nutshell. Some days are moderate and some a bit more challenging. This is a perfect trip for those seeking some adventure and a bit of challenge without going over the top on the difficulty scale.

Summer 2013
If you are thinking about a trek give us a call soon and we can help you select the best trek for you.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Till next time...

Greg Fensterman
Trek Alaska


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Lake Clark Traverse

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