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Chinooks are blowing hard and pushing temps above freezing. Sure doesn't feel like an Alaskan winter today. But it's a good day to get out a newsletter.

The big news this month is the brand new trip we have added in Lake Clark National Park. This is different from the High Country Traverse that we are offering again this summer. This one has a bit of a different focus.

Twin Lakes Summit Ramble - 6 Day Backpack/Base Camp Combo
August 14-19

Trek Alaska
A range of summit possibilities offer tempting options as we make our way around the lakes on the Twin Lakes Summit Ramble in Lake Clark Ntl. Park.

Many years ago I made my first visit to Lake Clark National Park. I did a route that ended up at lower Twin Lakes where I was picked up by float plane.

I was only at twin for the last two days but I got to head up one of the many moderate summits that ring the lakes. I always thought it would be fun to spend a week at the lakes and do a combination of backpacking and base camping, using the base camp days to check out some peaks.

Well this winter I figured, why not? Let's do it! And so the Twin Lakes Summit Ramble was born. This will be a six day trip with a landing at lower Twin and pickup at upper Twin Lakes. We're calling it a ramble because we're going to be footloose on this one with no hard and fast itinerary. So the attitude will be relaxed with an emphasis on exploring.

We'll setup our first camp on lower Twin, pull out the maps and see what looks like fun and just make up a route and plan as we go.

It's a trip that will appeal to a wide range of folks. If you're in good hiking shape then you will do well on this trek. Some days we might shoulder the packs and find a route up a "back alley valley" or hike along the lake. When we get to a peak we want to do we'll drop our loads, set camp and scoot up to the top.

There is a nice range of peaks to try, from easy to more challenging. The guide will work out an itinerary that works well for the whole group, On nights when we camp near the lake we will wet our lines and see if we can catch some grayling or trout to add to our dinner menu.

The dates are Aug 14 - 19, so you would need to arrive in Anchorage on Aug. 13.

One of the great things about the Lake Clark trips is the logistics are really simple for you. You arrive in Anchorage and spend the night. The next morning we fly out of Anchorage to Port Alsworth where we change to a small bush plane and fly into Twin Lakes. So there is no car rental involved and the price includes everything except your expenses in Anchorage!



Lake Clark High Country Traverse - 8 Day High Country Adventure
August 3-10 (ask about other dates)

Trek Alaska
Leaving Turquise Lake far below as we head up the pass on the Lake Clark - High Country Traverse.

We talked about this trek in an earlier newsletter but I wanted to talk a bit more about this one and how it compares to the other Lake Clark trip - the Twin Lakes Ramble.

This well be more challenging at times than the Twin Lakes Ramble. It's a point to point trip and we will be on the move most days.

The trek starts at Lake Telaquana and journeys up and over some ridges on the way to Twin Lakes. We pass Turqouise Lake on the way which is a nice place to layover a day and fish for grayling!

The hike out of Turquise Lake is the most demanding. We head up and over a ridge, making camp just over the ridge crest.

We end up at Twin Lakes where we get picked up for the flight back to Port Alsworth and then on to Anchorage. This is a great trip if you want to see some amazing country and are up for a bit of challenge.





Summer 2013
Now is the time to start making plans. Summer seems far off as you shovel the snow off your walk, but trips and hotels fill up and the most popular time slots get filled early.

So if you are thinking about a trek give us a call soon and we can help you select the best trek for you.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Till next time...

Greg Fensterman
Trek Alaska


Picking Your Perfect Trek - Trek Comparison Matrix

Easier to
Moderate to
More Challening

Fan Glacier
Steamboat Hills
Skolai Pass
Donoho Glacier Trek
Iceberg Lake

Iceberg Lake
Skolai Pass
The Goat Trail
Twin Lakes Summit Ramble

Seven Pass

Pyramid Peak


Lake Clark Traverse

For more on any of these trips click on the links to see the detail page or give us a call. 907.554.1088

Well that's it for now. See you next month.

Till then.. happy trails!

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