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Twin Lakes Summit Ramble

Wide-open itinerary, exploration, ridge-lines and moderate summit hikes
Trip Type:
6 days
Group Trip Dates:
Aug 21-26
Private Trip Dates:
Contact us for dates
Trek Price:
$2,850.00 per person
includes flight Anchorage to Lake Clark and bush flight to Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes Ramble Twin Lakes Ramble Twin Lakes Ramble Twin Lakes Ramble
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Many years ago I made my first visit to Lake Clark National Park. I did a route that ended up at lower Twin Lakes where I was picked up by float plane.

I was only at Tiwn for the last two days and I got to head up one of the many moderate summits that ring the lakes. I always thought it would be fun to spend a week at the lakes and do a combination of backpacking and base camping, using the base camp days to check out some peaks.

Well this winter I figured, why not? Let's do it! And so the Twin Lakes Summit Ramble was born. This will be a six day trip with a landing at lower Twin and pickup at upper Twin Lakes. We're calling it a ramble because we're going to be footloose on this one with no hard and fast itinerary. So the attitude will be relaxed.

We'll setup our first camp on lower twin, pull out the maps and see what looks like fun and just make up a route and plan as we go.

It's a trip that will appeal to a wide range of folks. If you're in good hiking shape then you will do well on this trek. Some days we might shoulder the packs and find a route up a "back alley valley" or hike along the lake. When we get to a peak we want to do we'll drop our loads, set camp and scoot up to the top.

On nights when we camp near the lake we will wet our lines and see if we can catch some grayling or trout to add to our dinner menu.

We don't have firm dates set for this trip yet. If you are ready to sign up then you can influence the start date.

The Adventure at a Glance

1 night in Anchorage, Alaska
6 days/5 nights trekking in Lake Clark National Park

Difficulty:  Moderate +
Duration:   6 days trekking
Season:  Early July - Early September
Elevation Gain:  Variable
Distance:   30-35 miles

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

After a quick breakfast we gather at Merrill field for an early morning flight from Anchorage to Port Alsworth. In Port Alsworth we change planes and board a small float plane for the flight to Lower Twin Lake. In a matter of a few hours we are transported from downtown Anchorage to pristine wilderness. The plan for our first day depends on what time we arrive at Twin Lakes. We will likely set up camp near the lake and then head up a nearby ridge where we can spy out the territory and get the lay of the land.

Day 2 - 5

It's hard to give a detailed itinerary for this trek, because we don't have one - and that's what makes this trip so special. We are free to make a plan as we go. From the top of the ridge on day one the guide will spread out the maps and give you a feel for that possiblities. The group will then arrive at a consesus and off we go.

We might decid to head up the valley just behind the ridge to see what we can see, or we might hike up lake a bit, set up a base camp and bag a few summits before moving on.

The emphasis on this trip will be exploration, moderate summits and a free-wheeling itinerary.

Day 6

On our last day we'll boogy on up the shore of upper Twin to our pickup spot where we will hop in a float plane for the flight back to Port Alsworth and then on to Anchorage. We will arrive late afternoon.

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Twin Lakes Summit Ramble

Trek Pricing and Options

Trek Cost:
$2,850.00 per person. includes bushflight if required, all food for the trek, guide and group gear
$370.00 per person - Round trip van transport Anchorage/McCarthy with pickup at your Anchorage hotel. You can also drive to McCarthy in a rental car from Anchorage if you prefer.
Many of our guests stay at Ma Johnson's Hotel in McCarthy the night before and after the trek. Some trips include 2 nights on the end of the trek depending on the shuttle van schedule. Guest may arrange their own lodging if preferred.
Single Occupancy:
$149.00 per room, per night
Double Occupancy:
$185.00 per room, per night
Triple Occupancy:
$249.00 per room, per night
Quad Occupancy:
$259.00 per room, per night

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