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Optimize Your Time in Alaska

The following trips are great options if you have a very limited amount of in Alaska and can't afford to spend a day travelling across the state to the starting point of the trip. These trips all depart directly from Anchorage to the backcountry. So you eat breakfast in Anchorage and dinner in the wilderness on these trips!

Twin Lakes Ramble

Twin Lakes Ridge Ramble
Backpacking Trip
6 days trekking
Trip Info

A unique Alaska backpacking trip in our line up. Features a wide-open itinerary centered around exploration, ridge hiking and moderate summit hikes. We craft this trip around the group’s interests - sometimes there is more backpacking and sometimes more stops along the way to just explore the Alaska high country.

Denali S.P. - Kesugi Ridge

Kesugi Ridge
Backpacking Trip
5 days trekking
Trip Info

Shorter, closer to Anchorage - ridge walk with awesome Denali views! Great for those not looking for a hard core Alaska trip. We do backpack most days on this trip but once we hump it up the ridge the terrain eases back a bit. Good for fit beginners.

Talkeetna Mts. Alpine

Talkeetna  Mountains High Country
Backpacking Trip
5 Days
Trip Info

Great Alaska backpacking trip with moderate terrain and easy logistics. Trip departs out of Anchorage and has you in the backcounty by lunch same day! Reasonable cost and total solitude on this backpacking trip in a seldom visited part of Alaska!

Get trip updates, news and more!